TARLA (Turkish Accelerator and Radiation LAboratory) ( is a multidisciplinary advanced research facility established as the first component of the larger Turkish Accelerator Research Project for promoting accelerator-based science in Turkey. TARLA will operate a Free Electron Laser producing Infrared radiation and a Bremsstrahlung facility using electrons accelerated up to 40 MeV by superconducting accelerators. Its mission is to serve as the first accelerator-based user facility in the country and to contribute to the development of advanced technology infrastructure and know-how in the country. TARLA laboratory, located in the Gölbaşı Campus of Ankara University, has the status of an independent National Infrastructure Facility with financing provided by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology. It is well connected to similar laboratories worldwide through its international advisory committees and collaborations.

In the current phase of the project, about 80 % of the hardware and all the buildings and shielding needed, including water and liquid helium cooling, the superconducting RF cavities, the radiation-proof building and enclosures, the electron gun, and beam transport systems, are purchased or even in place. Recently, an unexpected vacancy for the project leadership has occurred, and a search committee has been established to recruit an experienced Science Director/Project Leader who will work with the existing team of about 40 engineers and scientists to bring the machine to completion and to go through a successful commissioning phase leading to its use by the first set of friendly users.

The ideal candidate should have
− A PhD in a relevant discipline such as physics, accelerator science/engineering.
− A minimum of 10 years of experience in accelerator design, simulations, commissioning and/or operation.
− Demonstrated senior management leadership and team-building experience in a similar medium-scale facility.
− Excellent communication, interpersonal, facilitation and outreach skills.
− Adaptability and the ability to operate in diverse environments.
− Demonstrated experience in participating in large-scale national and international projects as a scientist and/or team leader.

− Strong knowledge of accelerator physics and state-of-the-art accelerator technology.
− Experience in superconducting accelerators is a strong plus.
− Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
− Ability to use common charged particle dynamics and photon generation programs.

An attractive salary & benefits package commensurate with experience is negotiable.

The position is open now, and applications containing a CV, names of three references and a statement of purpose can be directly sent to [email protected]

Further details can be obtained from Prof. Z. Sayers, [email protected]